The Dashboard is a workflow notification system that allows users to be notified of activities on a daily basis. It is the Gateway "landing page" after login in order to notify users of Gateway activities relevant to their daily responsibilities. Users receive notifications by two methods:

  1. Pre-set: A process in a Gateway application has certain steps sometimes relative to certain jurisdictions that a specific DLS user needs to be informed of. Workflow Management in the Administration module organizes which applications/processes/steps/jurisdictions will automatically trigger notifications to each DLS user.
  2. Ad hoc: Any DLS user can, in the process of receiving or entering an activity tracking entry, forward copies of that activity (and any attached documents) to one or more DLS staff.

Display of Activities: Notifications received by each user are arranged in a grid. ACTIVE activities are displayed by default but the user can request inactive activities as well. Users make activities INACTIVE when they have absorbed the notification's information and no longer want to see the activity in their dashboard. The user can limit the display by putting in a date range. The Dashboard is intended to quickly notify users of current activities, and a daily routine task should be making notifications INACTIVE, by clicking the checkbox under Inactive? and clicking the Save Status button. Previously received notifications can be readily accessed through Search Activity.

Each highlighted column header in Display of Activities will, upon clicking, sort the display by that column's values. An additional click will reverse the sort order.

Clicking column entries under Type of Activity will open the actual tracking record. That record can be annotated in the Activity Text field and forwarded to other users, if appropriate. Attached documents can be updated, one document per record.

Clicking column entries under Form will open the saved form involved in the activity, if any.

Clicking on column entries Open under Doc will open documents attached to the activity record, e.g. if a letter from a local official has been scanned and attached to an activity record, users can retrieve its image by clicking Open.

Activity Entry

Any DLS user can enter a tracking activity relative to a specific application, process, activity type, and jurisdiction. System administrators can set processes to require a jurisdiction and fiscal year, no jurisdiction, or optional jurisdiction settings. Select in order an application, then a process within an application, then a jurisdiction and fiscal year if required or desired, then an activity type. Add any explanatory text in Activity Text. Amend the default Activity Date (the default is now) if necessary. (Replacing the default date and time with only a date will result in a 12:00AM time stamp.)

Disclosure - Activity entry defaults disclosure to Private, which the entering user can later modify at will. Once the activity record is shared with another user by forwarding, it must be DLS or Public disclosure, after which only the Activity Text box can be altered. Private activity entries cannot be seen by other users doing searches.

Using the blue arrow boxes, indicate which users should be notified (in their dashboard) of this activity. Ensure disclosure is set to DLS or Public before using this notification feature.

Attach any documents relevant to this activity by browsing to that document on the network, opening it, and confirming that the full document path is now visible in the select document box. IMPORTANT- If clicking Save results in an error message, the select document box will clear and no document will be attached. If you have an error message, correct the error and select the document for attachment again.

Click Reset to clear all selected values in the form.

To enter a new activity, click the Add New Activity red box at the top of the form or the Activity Entry link in the left upper panel. Do not write over the activity entry information in the record you have just entered and saved. You will be overwriting an existing record.

Search Activity

Activity Tracking stores many thousands of activities relating to various DLS processes and jurisdictions. Use the search parameter fields to progressively filter the results to those of particular interest to you. Parameter fields include:


Fiscal Year



Activity Type

Activity Date range - observer date format

Activity Text - a string of text anywhere in the activity text entry.

Disclosure type

User who generated the activity record

Clicking the Search button will result either in a No Data Found message or a count of how many records match the search criteria and an instruction to scroll down to see the results, presented 15 records at a time. You can sort all the search result records by clicking on the Display of Activities column headers. The functions of the Display of Activities columns are discussed above under Dashboard.