Advanced Search allows the user to select officials in

  • Individually selected multiple jurisdictions
  • Jurisdictions contained in counties, districts, and other regional groupings
  • Multiple departments or key functional roles
  • Or almost any combination of the above

Users can control the scroll list of available jurisdictions displayed by clicking on the desired type of jurisdictions and clicking GO.

Select multiple jurisdictions by highlighting the jurisdiction desired in the Available column and clicking the > button in the center. The screen will refresh with the choice in the Selected column. Proceed with another choice in the same way. Alternatively, the user can highlight a choice in the Available column, depress the Ctrl key, and highlight additional choices before clicking the > button to move all the choices into the Selected column. You can add or delete individual jurisdictions from the choices displayed in the Selected box using the >, >>, <, or << buttons, depending on whether you are adding or deleting one, many, or all jurisdictions.

Select all jurisdictions contained in counties, districts, or municipalities by checking the "Do you want to include associated jurisdictions in the search?" YES box. The associated jurisdictions contained within the selected jurisdictions will appear in a new Associated Jurisdictions box. You can delete individual jurisdictions from selected Associated Jurisdictions using the < button.

Select departments or key roles desired for the above jurisdiction choices by highlighting the desired departments and clicking the > button to move these into the Selected Column.

Note - When you deselect one or more jurisdictions using the < or << buttons, those deselected jurisdictions return to the Available column at the bottom of the scroll list.

The Reset button will clear all boxes and choices and restore all jurisdictions to their original sorted scroll lists in the Available column.

The Export button is at the bottom of the screen to allow the user to save the data from the search to an Excel or html spreadsheet.

Clicking on a City, Department, Position, or Official's Name link will bring up that detailed screen. The only way to return to the Advanced Search screen with the selection choices still displayed is to use the browser Back button.

You can exit Advanced Search and return to the Basic Search screen by clicking on the Basic Search link on the left panel.