Adding DOR Users

Upon request of a DOR division ISSO, bureau chief, or deputy commissioner, add or edit users access to DLS Gateway.

Add Agency User and Permissions

Select An Agency, i.e. DLS or other DOR divisions, and click Get Bureaus button. DLS users have many program modules while other DOR users such as those in Audit or CSE are limited to Licensee and Provider. DOR Accounts allows additional users within the Accounts Group to add/edit agency users.

Click Reset to clear selections and start over.

Bureau Name: Select the Bureau indicated in the add user request and click Go button. In the resulting in a data entry screen to add a new user. Required fields are indicated by an asterisk. For a DLS user, complete the data in the Person/Position and Account Information sections. Enter User ID that can conform to Novell network user ID. Enter and confirm initial password that conforms to ISO standards. Active check box defaults to active. If the account is set to inactive the user will not have access to any application or module.

ADA Compliance: If the user profile indicates the user requires alternative system features designed for the visually impaired, check this box.

Add comments in Comments box as appropriate.

For Non-DLS users who require access to Licensee and/or Provider modules, click Allow.

Click Save button to add the user.

Edit Agency User and Permissions

Find an existing user by selecting that user's division and bureau, and then click Get Person button. Edit information as appropriate and click Save. Clicking Active checkbox to off or blank is the same as deleting an account. The deleted user's identity and activity remains in the database for historical record and audit purposes, but the user no longer has access until the account is reactivated. To reactivate an account, click the Active box to show the check mark.

Adding/Editing Non-DOR State Agency Users

DLS users with permission to maintain Agency Users can add and edit Non-DOR State Agency users to have access to the Directory application and related Election and Municipal CEO reports.

DLS users with permission to maintain Agency Users cannot add DLS or other DOR users, but can set Module/Sub Module permissions for DLS users.

DLS users with permission to maintain Agency Users, will see a set of Modules and Sub Modules in the Add Agency User and Edit Agency User data entry screens. This set will vary depending on whether the user is a Non-DOR State Agency user or a DLS user.