DLS Gateway is restricted to elected and appointed municipal officials that are entered in the Local Officials Directory . Your city/town clerk or someone already entered in your department can add you to the Local Officials Directory. Once that is done, the local system administrator in your community can create a username/password account for you that authorizes you to see and do certain things on the site, depending on you're the responsibilities that go with your position. The system will not store the password in a form that can be seen by others, so, if you forget or lose the password, you will have to contact the local system administrator to re-set it. DLS plans to automate the password re-set process.

Your identity and permissions in DLS Gateway are specific to one community. If you perform functions in multiple communities, you will need multiple identities and authorizations. If you terminate a position in one community and begin a position in another, you will need a new username/password and permissions for the new community. The local system administrator in the community you left should inactivate your account there.