Who can have a DLS Gateway Account?

Elected and appointed municipal, district and regional school officials who need to submit certain forms to DLS can have Gateway accounts. Not every official needs an account; your local Gateway administrator or DLS IT Support can help determine whether or not you need an account to transact business with DLS.


How do I get a DLS Gateway account?

If you do need an account, there are two ways to obtain one:

  1. Contact your local account administrator. To find out who fills this role in your community or district, go to the Gateway login page (https://dlsgateway.dor.state.ma.us/gateway/Login) and click the “Forgot User Name” link underneath the user name and password section. Select your community or district using the drop-down list and click Go. The name and phone number of each local Gateway administrator will be displayed.
  2. Contact DLS IT Support at (617) 626-2350 or DLSITGroup@dor.state.ma.us during normal business hours.


Basic Requirements:

  • You must be an elected or appointed official to have an account.
  • You must be listed in DLS Gateway’s Local Officials Directory.
  • If you are an elected or appointed official in more than one community or district, you will need a separate account for your role in each jurisdiction.