Only information in the box labeled "Password Settings" can be edited on this page. Information on the person, their phone number, email address, etc. are from the Local Officials Directory. If incorrect, edit your entry under the Directory tab. If you do not have permission to update your record, note the local system administrators listed under Administrators and contact one of them to make the correction or give you permission to do it yourself.

Under Password Settings, enter your current password to make a password change or change the password hint and/or answer. Enter a new password, ideally of characters and numbers randomly selected. Re-enter the password to ensure you typed it correctly the first time. Make any change to password hint by selecting a choice from the dropdown. Enter a hint answer and click Save.

If you are using the "Forgot Password" feature, enter the temporary password in Current Password, and then set a new preferred password in "New Password" and "Re-enter Password."