How to Use This Tutorial:

Print this page out so you can see it and the main search page at the same time, and follow along by working the examples as given.

Topics covered are:

Basic Search
More Selective Search
Suppressing Unwanted Results
Export Search Results

Basic Search: Suppose you are looking for a machine shop, and you don't know the exact name of it, so you want to see them all.

Enter the word machine in the first search term field, select type of corporation, and click the search button.

More Selective Search: More than likely, you got more results from the above example than you really want to look through.

Click your browser's back button to return to the search page.

Restrict the search to the Boston area, or those with Boston in the name, by entering boston in the second search term field. Click the search button again.

Suppressing Unwanted Results: Some of the search listings will use the word "machinery."

This is because a search term matches any part of a word that is spelled identically.

To eliminate these listings, enter the word machinery in the negative search term field. Click the search button again.

Export Search Results: Click on Export Search Result button.

Select from the browser menu bar File, and Save As... and place the file on your hard drive in whatever folder you desire.

Be sure to notice where you are putting it.