Communities are required to report annually to the Division of Local Services all appropriations and expenditures related to the removal of snow and ice. This requirement, established under Ch.44 Section 31D, sets September 15th as the filing date. Please enter and submit the form by September 15th.

Directions to complete Snow and Ice Data Sheet

  1. Verify that the correct fiscal year is displayed.

  2. Enter the snow and ice appropriation voted as part of the original budget.

  3. Enter any amounts added to the snow and ice account. This includes supplemental appropriations, reserve fund transfers, or any other amounts. Do not include state or federal reimbursements.

  4. Enter gross expenditures and any encumbrances charged to the appropriation. Do not net these expenditures with any reimbursements.

  5. Enter amount and date of state reimbursements received for the fiscal year.

  6. Enter amount and date of federal reimbursements received for the fiscal year.

Note: For communities that received MEMA reimbursement as noted above, please indicate the amount on the appropriate line. All other communities that expect to receive these funds by September 30 should accrue the applicable amount as directed above and report the amount accrued on line #4.

Click Save at anytime to save entered data. When the data entry is complete, sign the form by clicking on the signature checkbox. Click Submit to complete the process and lock the data.