Here are four reasons.

Potential for improving internal processes… in order to offer a service online, the process behind the service may need to be redefined, simplified and made easier. Often this redesign benefits municipal officials as much as it does the general public.

Increased public awareness of issues… a town web site disseminates information very quickly, and can enhance more traditional forms of communication. Issues brought up at town or committee meetings can be posted for public display and discussion. Citizens can be more involved in the decisions made by their elected/appointed officials when they are better informed.

Improved public participation in the democratic process… many activities made possible by an active, thriving town web site encourage citizens to become part of the process, rather than mere observers. Public surveys, discussion groups, agendas and minutes of public meetings, and voter information are examples of electronic methods of encouraging public participation in the democratic process.

Faster, more efficient transactions… doing business online rather than in person or by mail benefits citizens and town officials alike. With a well-designed web site, many time-intensive tasks such as researching deeds, filling out permit applications and paying multiple bills can be handled by citizens themselves. Municipal officials can focus on other work, with less public contact, and get more done in less time. Citizens can have their needs met at their convenience, rather than adapting to their town's schedule.