1. Question: Do I need to enter all elected officials into the system?
    Answer: No, except for members of the Board of Selectmen. Enter the officials elected in the election being reported, supplemented by election info on all Selectmen and the Town Clerk (if elected).
  2. Question: The information can't be updated and is light gray or I don't see any election-related fields. What gives?
    Answer: For whatever reason, the system has logged you out. Confirm this by seeing if the login username is now "General User" in the upper right hand corner. Solution - Log in again.
  3. Question: Can I access this system on my VRIS computer?
    Answer: No
  4. Question: I don't see the department in the drop down list. What should I do?
    Answer: The name may be slightly different than what you expect, e.g. 510-Health Inspection/Doh/Boh instead of Board of Health, or may not be exact, e.g. choose School Administration for School Committee instead of looking for School Committee. We have the ability at DOR to add departments not in the list and have recently added "Housing Authority", but most department types are in the current list. Let us know if you have something clearly different.
  5. Question: Our town doesn't have a formal Moderator department. How should I enter a newly elected Town Moderator?
    Answer: For this system, one person can be a "department" because everyone needs to be in a department. Creating a Moderator department is more logical than putting the Town Moderator somewhere else, such as in Town Manager or Board of Selectmen or Other Executive.
  6. Question: Do I have to worry about the Department Head check box when making changes after an election?
    Answer: Only one person in a department can be a department head. Checking this box allows users to search for just department heads for a given department (e.g. creating a mailing list of city/town clerks, instead of a mailing list of all employees in the city/town clerk's departments) and is used by important reports (such as the Governor's Emergency Contact report). If, for example, the Board of Selectmen's Chair has changed because of an election, ensure that the right person is check off as being the department head. The wrong person must be set & saved to "Department Head - No" before anyone else can be set to "Yes". If a mayor or selectboard chair is newly elected, the Governor's office would appreciate it if personal information for emergency contacts outside of normal business hours is filled in, e.g. home or cell phone number.
  7. Question: Why is the Department of Revenue involved in Election Reporting?
    Answer: This is an example of intergovernmental cooperation. When the Local Officials Directory was demonstrated at a Town Clerks Association Meeting, a clerk in the audience suggested generating the Elections Division Blue Form out of that Directory. We explored that idea with the Elections Division. Consolidating their local election forms into one on-line process would save everyone time & effort (after the first year). It would greatly improve the coverage and accuracy of the officials in the Local Officials Directory that has proven widely popular with Internet users, public and private.