The Education Reform Act of 1993 continues to have a substantial impact on municipal finance and, in particular, on the level of local aid received by municipalities and regional school districts. Education Reform was undertaken in an effort to ensure both equitable and adequate funding of the Commonwealth's public schools over a seven-year period. FY2000 was the seventh and final year of mandated state funding increases.

How where the estimates determined?

These estimates come from the detailed allocation in Outside Section 3 of each version of the budget.

Why did the estimates change?

Estimates may vary for each budget proposal based on the appropriation provided to fund the Chapter 70 program. The House Final and Senate Ways & Means budgets reflect additional Chapter 70 aid so that each operational district receives an increase over fiscal year 2005 of at least $50 per pupil. Each district shall receive at least as much aid as the district received in chapter 70 aid in fiscal year 2004. No district shall receive chapter 70 aid in an amount greater than the district's foundation budget.

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