Lisa Krzywicki - Databank/Local Aid Director (formerly Lisa Juszkiewicz)

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The Municipal Databank is responsible for collecting, analyzing and distributing financial, demographic and economic data on Massachusetts cities, towns, regional and charter school districts.  Financial data comes from a series of reports that municipalities and school districts are required to submit to DLS annually.  Demographic data and economic data is collected from other state or federal agencies.  The Databank develops and maintains databases used to collect data, assist users in the interpretation and use, and participates in research projects with other agencies and/or organizations.

The Databank is also responsible for issuing the Commissioner of Revenue's official notification to municipalities and school districts of the estimated state aid to be paid and charges to be assessed over the next fiscal year.  As the budget process unfolds updated local aid proposals are posted.  Cherry Sheets are issued and posted to the DLS website once the state budget is enacted by the Legislature and approved by the Governor.  In addition to the annual Cherry Sheet release, the Databank also processes over $5 billion in local aid payments to cities, towns, regional and charter school districts, and planning agencies.

For assistance accessing this information or finding data, please contact:

Michael Briggs at (617) 626-2320 
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Donnette Benvenuto at (617) 626-2360

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