• MRGF - Generate Single Page Report by Community

   FY2015 xls format of FY2015 MRGF Single Page Report
FY2014 xls format of FY2014 MRGF One Page Report
FY2013 xls format of FY13 Single Page MRGF
FY2012 xls format of FY12 MRGF
FY2011 xls format of mrgf11.xls
FY2010 xls format of mrgf10.xls
FY2009 xls format of mrgf09.xls
FY2008 xls format of mrgf08.xls
FY2007 xls format of mrgf07.xls
FY2006 xls format of mrgf06.xls
FY2005 xls format of Mrgf05.xls
FY2004 xls format of mrgf04.xls
FY2003 xls format of Mrgf03.xls
FY2002 xls format of Mrgf02.xls
FY2001 xls format of Mrgf01.xls
FY2000 xls format of Mrgf00.xls
FY1999 xls format of Mrgf99.xls
FY1998 xls format of Mrgf98.xls
FY1997 xls format of Mrgf97.xls
FY1996 xls format of Mrgf96.xls

  • MRGF - Detailed Calculations Showing all Communities

  FY2015 xls format of FY2015 MRGF Calculation
file size 1MB
  FY2014 xls format of FY2014 MRGF Calculation
file size 1MB  FY2013 xls format of FY2013 Preliminary MRGF
file size 1MBFY2012 xls format of mrgf2012calc.xls
file size 1MB
FY2011 xls format of mrgf2011calc.xls
file size 2MBFY2010 xls format of mrgf2010calc.xls
file size 2MBFY2009 xls format of mrgf09c1.xls
file size 2MB
FY2008 xls format of mrgf08c1.xls
file size 1MBFY2007 xls format of mrgf07c1.xls
file size 1MBFY2006 xls format of mrgf06c1.xls
file size 1MB
FY2005 xls format of mrgf05c1.xls
file size 1MBFY2004 xls format of mrgf04c1.xls
file size 1MBFY2003 xls format of Mrgf03c1.xls
file size 1MB
FY2002 xls format of mrgf02c1.xls
file size 1MBFY2001 xls format of Mrgf01c1.xls
file size 1MBFY2000 xls format of Mrgf00c1.xls
file size 1MB
FY1999 xls format of Mrgf99c1.xls
FY1998 xls format of Mrgf98c1.xls
FY1997 xls format of Mrgf97b1.xls

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