FY1993 through FY1999 xls format of PropertyValues9399.xls
 FY2000 through FY2009 xls format of propertyvalues0009.xls
FY2003 to present (includes state totals)
FY1986 through FY1989 xls format of prcl8689.xls
 FY1990 through FY1999 xls format of prcl9099.xls
 FY2000 through FY2009 xls format of prcl0009.xls
FY2003 to present
 State Totals FY1986 through present xls format of prclstatetotals.xls
  • Overlay Reserves as Percentage of Tax Levy

     FY1998 through FY1989 xls format of Ovly8889.xls
     FY1990 through FY1999 xls format of Ovly9099.xls
     FY2000 through FY2009 xls format of ovly0009.xls
     FY2003 to present (includes state totals)

  • Tax Rates by Class
FY1981 through FY1989 xls format of Txrt8189.xls
 FY1990 through FY1999 xls format of Txrt9099.xls
 FY2000 through FY2009 xls format of txrt0009.xls
FY2003 to present
  • Corporations Massachusetts Domestic & Foreign Corporations Subject to an Excise

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