Below is information about Inter-Municipal Agreements and other useful references related to the consolidation of government services or functions between and among municipalities and other governmental units.


DLS Can Help. The DLS Technical Assistance Section is available to assist communities which have begun discussion on the consolidation of services. We can help sort out issues, conduct financial impact analyses and review the technical content of draft inter-municipal agreements.


To learn more or request assistance, contact Rick Kingsley, Bureau Chief, at

Massachusetts Regionalization Statutes

List of Enabling Statutes with Summary Information pdf format of    enabling_statutes.pdf

Analysis of Selected Statutes

Education - Regional School Districts pdf format of    regionaldistricts.pdf

Education - Superintendency Unions pdf format of    superintendencyunions.pdf

Public Safety - Fire Districts pdf format of    firedistricts.pdf

Public Safety - Police Districts pdf format of    policedistricts.pdf

Public Safety - Regional Dispatch/Public Safety Answering Points pdf format of    regionaldispatch.pdf

Public Works - Joint Recycling Program pdf format of    pw_jointrecycle.pdf

Public Works - Purchase of Sewer Services pdf format of    pw_sewer.pdf

Public Works - Regional Refuse Disposal District pdf format of    pw_regrefuse.pdf

Public Works - Regional Water & Sewer Commissions pdf format of    pw_regwands.pdf

Regional Health Districts pdf format of    regionalhealthdist.pdf

Regional Housing Authority pdf format of    reghousing.pdf

Transportation - Regional Transit Authorities pdf format of    regionaltransitauth.pdf


Inter-Municipal Agreements

           General Description pdf format of    intermunicipalagreements.pdf     

    Drafting Checklist pdf format of    ima_checklist.pdf

Other Information Sources

September 2, 2010 Second Annual Regionalization Conference Materials
September 3, 2009, Regionalization Conference Materials
Legislative Regionalization Advisory Commission

OPEB and Regionalization pdf format of    OPEB and Regionalization


DLS Regionalization Related Reports

       Lancaster Conservation Agent pdf format of    LancasterConservation.pdf

      Ashby-Townsend Police Consolidation Study pdf format of    AshbyTownsendRegMAP.pdf

       Andover Town-School Finance Department Consolidation pdf format of    Andover Report, May 2010  18

       Hamilton-Wenham Enhanced Regionalization and Merger Analysis pdf format of    Hamilton Wenham Regionalization Merger Analysis  file size 1MB