Special Acts. Links are provided to selected Special Acts enacted by the General Court that create or revise charters and that enable cities and towns to act in other ways to reorganize municipal government. Excel file with a list of special acts xls format of special-acts.xls


General Laws. Listed below are available Home Rule pdf format of Home Rule
options to adopt or amend a municipal charter, and to act relative to specific municipal offices.



Other General Laws. Listed below are enacted general laws that address subjects of specific interest to cities, towns and districts.



Charter Assistance. Whether a community seeks to restructure local government through the adoption of a new charter or revision of an existing charter, TA staff can help distinguish between Special Act or Charter Commission process. We can provide guidance on the underlying goals of a charter and its role in relation to ordinances and by-laws. We can speak to areas of government that should be addressed and are uniquely positioned to review drafts and ensure consistency with sound financial management practices.

TA staff have provided assistance to local officials or met with government study committees in the following communities:


The links below provide more information on charters:

MGL Chapter 43B - Adopt, Revise and Amend City and Town Charters

Article: City and Town Charters - Adoption, Revisions and Amendments pdf format of chartadoptreviseamend.pdf

Article: What Should a Charter Include? pdf format of charterinclude.pdf

  Charter Components Checklist pdf format of charterchecklist.pdf

To request assistance, contact Rick Kingsley, Bureau Chief, Municipal Data Management and Technical Assistance Bureau.