The Bureau of Local Assessment offers an on-line Classification Workshop tutorial, to guide you through the materials covered in the Classification Workshop. Each section contains examples and "hands-on" exercises to test your comprehension; the program keeps track of your progress and, should you quit the program before completing all sections, it will bring you back to your last work area. Upon completion of the tutorial the program will print a form of completion that you mail to the Division, which fulfills the obligation of members of the Boards of Assessors to attend a Classification Workshop.

Please note this training is NOT in lieu of the basic assessor training course (Course 101) that members of the Board of Assessors, Assessors and Assistant Assessors with valuation responsibilities must fulfill within two years of appointment or election.

Note: The Classification Workshop  contains a glossary of terms on issues such as Proposition 2 1/2, tax levies and overrides, a revaluation program, and the certification process.

Once you have downloaded the CLASS.EXE file, you will find all files extracted to your c:\class directory on your hard drive. You can then view or print the instruction file, CBTHOWTO.TXT, which explains how to run the program.

Fill out completely both the printme.txt and coversheet.txt files and mail to:

Division of Local Services
67 Millbrook Street, Suite 330
Worcester, MA 01608

If you need assistance with this process please call or email to Donna Quinn at Division of Local Services, Training Bureau, Boston Office - (617) 626-3838.

Click here to Download the Classification Workshop for Windows exe format of class.exe file size 1MB.