Business Telefile is an alternative to WebFile for Business for filing and paying the following taxes:
Filing and/or PayingPaying Only
Withholding Tax
Sales/Use Tax
Sales Tax on Communications
Gasoline Tax
Special Fuels Tax
Bank Tax
Insurance Tax
Public Utilities Tax
Corporate Tax and Extensions

To file a tax return or make a payment using Business Telefile, call the number below and follow the prompts. Make sure to have your tax information on hand when you call.

Eastern Massachusetts: 617-660-2020
Western Massachusetts: 413-781-9400

Telefile worksheets may be used to assist you in preparing to Telefile tax returns. Do not submit these worksheets to DOR.

The following two methods may be used when making any payment using Business Telefile:

ACH Debit - When using the ACH debit method, DOR will debit your bank account an amount you specify when you call DOR to file your business tax return. Please call our Customer Service at 617-887-6367 to register for ACH Debit.

ACH Credit - If you wish to pay using the ACH credit method, where you instruct your bank to send a specified amount to DOR at a time of your choosing, please fill out our ACH credit application pdf format of eftappl.pdf
and fax it to 617-887-5019. Once you are registered you will receive a confirmation letter from DOR containing your PIN.

If you have any questions, please call us at 617-887-6367.