Captain Irwin has served in law enforcement for more than 28 years.  He joined the Massachusetts State Police (MSP) in 1985 and was recently promoted to Captain. He has held notable ranks within MSP since beginning his law enforcement career. Captain Irwin started out as a road Trooper before becoming a Homicide Detective with the Essex County District Attorney’s Office in 1994. In 2001, he was made Sergeant Detective, and in 2006, he  was recognized and promoted to the rank of Lieutenant . As a Lieutenant, Captain Irwin led State Police Detectives in the Attorney General’s Office Commanding Cyber Crime, White Collar Crime, and Public Corruption units and was then named Lieutenant, Executive Officer. He was promoted again in 2009 as Detective Lieutenant and then became Commander of the State Police Detective Unit of the Attorney General’s Office. In October 2013, he was promoted to the rank of Captain. Captain Irwin has been the recipient of  several awards and commendations for his remarkable achievements in law enforcement. Some of these acknowledgements include the Massachusetts State Police Superintendents Commendation and the United States Attorney for Massachusetts Commendation.