Meeting Date: Thursday, November 7, 2013

Meeting Time: 10:30 AM

Meeting Location: 100 Cambridge Street, 2nd floor, Room C, Boston, MA

Topic: Meeting two will take an in-depth look at the problems surrounding illegal tobacco sales in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  Presenters will examine revenue estimates; state and federal laws regarding tobacco distribution and sales; and the challenges faced by law enforcement officials.

     A.            Opening remarks (Commissioner Pitter)

     B.            Finalize Meeting One Minutes

     C.            Kazim Ozyurt (Department of Revenue, Director of Tax Policy and Analysis) Presentation 
                    Revenue estimates & estimation issues

     D.            Audrey Rushton (Department of Revenue, Counsel, Legal Division) Presentation  
                     Relevant legislation

     E.            Joe McDermott (Department of Revenue, Deputy Commissioner of Audit) Presentation 
                    Current DOR enforcement and challenges

     F.            Matthew Schrumpf (Attorney General’s Office, Assistant Attorney General) Presentation 
                    Master Settlement Agreement

     G.           Capt. Robert Irwin (MA State Police) Presentation 
                    Current law enforcement and challenges

     H.           Wrap up/Closing Comments (Commissioner Pitter)

Due to security at the Saltonstall Building, those interested in attending the meeting should allow for additional time to check-in.

If any member of the public wishing to attend this meeting seeks special accommodations in accordance with the American with Disabilities Act, please contact Angel Zayas at 617-626-3410, or at