April 28, 2005
Tim Connolly
(617) 626-2369

Revenue Commissioner Alan LeBovidge today announced that the names of taxpayers who have owed the Commonwealth more than $500 of state taxes for at least three months and are not in a payment agreement or are disputing their tax liability, are posted on the Department of Revenue website, www.mass.gov/dor.

The 62,000 individual and business taxpayers owe a collective $330 million in back taxes. DOR has had a shorter list of tax delinquents - those with bills of $25,000 or more - on the website for a year. The new list is the result of a law enacted last year as part of the fiscal 2005 state budget.

"The vast majority of taxpayers, both individuals and businesses, pay their taxes on time and without penalty,'' LeBovidge said. "Unfortunately, there is a small minority of taxpayers who need some prodding to fulfill their tax obligations. Posting this list is another way of getting the attention of taxpayers who owe."

Since DOR posted the first list of delinquents who owed more than $25,000, nearly $8 million has been collected.

The new list with the names of taxpayers who owe $500 or more will remain on the website until June 1 when it will be replaced by the list of tax delinquents who owe more than $25,000. Publicizing the list of delinquent taxpayers who owe $25,000 or more is authorized by Chapter 62C, section 21 of the Massachusetts General Laws. Expanding the list to include more tax delinquents was provided for in the fiscal 2005 state budget.