Revenue Department Prepares for Busy Week

April 28, 2005
Tim Connolly
(617) 626-2369

With Memorial Day Weekend approaching, the Department of Revenue is urging everyone who recently bought a boat to pay their sales tax online.

The week leading up to the traditional kickoff of summer has always meant crowds of people pouring into DOR offices to pay the sales tax on their boats so they can enjoy the holiday weekend on the water. The previous alternative was to mail the sales tax payment and wait several weeks for the receipt needed to register their boat with the Massachusetts Environmental Police.

DOR offers a simple online form, found at, which handles the sales tax obligation of new boat owners. The same application can be used for paying the sales tax on snowmobile, recreational and/or all terrain vehicles. Taxpayers can pay through electronic funds withdrawal, and receive an immediate confirmation receipt. This receipt can then be presented to the Massachusetts Environmental Police at the time of registration.

Last year, DOR processed more than 26,000 sales tax forms for boats and recreational vehicles. More than 10,000 of those were submitted online and more than $5.3 million in tax was paid through electronic funds withdrawal.

Taxpayers who plan to register in Boston have the added option of going directly to the Environmental Police Office, located at 251 Causeway Street, and access the DOR web application there. A similar option is available in Springfield at 165 Liberty Street.

To fill out the application, the boat owners need seller's name and address; their bank's routing number (first series of numbers in the bottom left hand corner of a check) and their account number (second series of numbers at the bottom of a check) for their bank; and the description of vehicle, date of sale, gross sale price. The boat owner cannot pay sales tax with a credit card using this application. The only form of payment available is through electronic funds withdrawal.