Presented as an annual series, the Massachusetts Statistics of Income (SOI) reports present a broad overview of the individual income tax returns received by the Department of Revenue each year. Included in the reports are statistical tables, graphs and summary discussions on Massachusetts income, taxes, numbers and types of filers, exemptions and deductions.

The body of income tax return data included in the SOI reports is a valuable research tool that can be applied to public and private analyses that require an understanding of Massachusetts income. By achieving a broader dissemination of Massachusetts individual income tax statistics, it is hoped that these reports will benefit the research conducted by interested citizens of the Commonwealth and their counterparts in other states.

Massachusetts Statistics of Income: 1996 Individual Income Tax Returns pdf format of soi_96i.pdf
Issued in September 2000, 675K

Massachusetts Statistics of Income: 1995 Individual Income Tax Returns pdf format of soi_95.pdf
Issued in January 1999, 600K

Massachusetts Statistics of Income: 1994 Individual Income Tax Returns pdf format of soi_94.pdf
Issued in December 1997, 448K

Massachusetts Statistics of Income: 1993 Individual Income Tax Returns pdf format of soi_93.pdf
Issued in December 1997, 400K

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