DOR has just released a handy new free app for both iPhone and Android smart phones. The app allows taxpayers to quickly and securely file extensions, check their refunds and perform a variety of other useful tax and administrative tasks, including some of the most heavily-used features of DOR’s WebFile programs.

For those filing an extension, the app allows for the warehousing of tax payments until April 17th. Taxpayers may also use the app to make estimated payments to avoid penalties and interest via direct debit. An existing WebFile account will pre-populate information for the app. The app also features alerts for taxpayers who log in using their existing WebFile account. Any notices or reminders that DOR now sends via WebFile will be sent to the smart phone as well.

The app also has a handy and informative news feature that displays DOR’s blog feeds and a video feature will allow taxpayers to view all DOR Media-produced tax-related videos.

Be sure to stay tuned for future updates as DOR will be enhancing the app by adding the ability to review tax history, make payments, change address and update profiles, as well as file trustee returns. DOR also is looking to provide the same kind of services to tablets.

To obtain the app from Apple select here.

To obtain the app from Google select here.