We appreciate your patience and cooperation while waiting for your abatement claims to be processed.  A ruling released in March 2012 (Revised DOR Directive 12-1 ) held that Massachusetts residents working in Rhode Island are now able to file a credit against their Massachusetts personal income tax for mandatory payments they paid to Rhode Island according to that state’s Temporary Disability Insurance Act.

As a result of the ruling, DOR received more than 44,000 associated claims. Since this influx of claims increased our normal annual volume by more than one-third, a backlog resulted and abatement processing was delayed.  By reassigning staff and adding a Saturday shift, DOR has been able to significantly reduce the overall backlog and anticipates that most Rhode Island claims will be processed by the end of November.

Please note that many of the claims received were filed on paper and paper forms always take longer to process than electronically filed claims.  Filing an abatement or amended return takes just a few minutes with our secure and easy to use WebFile for Income – using it means you can save time and get your refund quicker!