Welcome to the Disabled Persons Protection Commission’s (DPPC) website. Although it is DPPC’s charge to investigate and remediate instances of abuse and neglect committed against adults with disabilities, no one person, agency or organization is able to completely stop abuse or neglect. However, by working in partnership with many, we are making a difference in the lives of persons with disabilities. I sincerely appreciate the many individuals with disabilities, caregivers, providers, law enforcement personnel, medical professionals and the many others for taking part and working with DPPC to effectively address violence committed against persons with disabilities. Together we are making significant progress in successfully responding to the egregious neglect and abuse committed against persons with disabilities while holding abusers responsible for the mistreatment, neglect and abuse they commit. I hope you find the information provided in our website helpful and informative and will assist you in effectively recognizing, reporting and responding to violence committed against persons with disabilities.