In partnership with the Commissioners and Departments of Early Education and Care, Elementary and Secondary Education , Higher Education and the University of Massachusetts system, we are committed to advancing actions and initiatives that will improve achievement for all students, close persistent achievement gaps, and to create a 21st century public education system that prepares students for higher education, work and life in a world economy and global society.

Address, Phone and Fax

Executive Office of Education
One Ashburton Place, Room 1403
Boston, MA 02108
Main Line: (617) 979-8340
Fax: (617) 727-0049

Executive Office of Education Key Contacts

Secretary of Education Jim Peyser

Blair Brown, Legislative Director

B. Kim, Policy Analyst

Bob LePage, Assistant Secretary for Career Education

Katherine Lipper, General Counsel

Patricia McCarthy, Director of Human Resources

Tom Moreau, Assistant Secretary for Policy and Planning

James Poplasky, Program Manager

Ann Reale, Undersecretary & Chief Operating Officer

Kim Rice, Secretariat Chief Information Officer

Colleen Quinn, Communications Director

Dee Richardson, Secretariat Chief Financial Officer 

Alexis Lian, Policy Analyst

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As of August 22, 2017