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In August 2010, the Governor signed Chapter 256 of the Acts of 2010 (Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) Reform Law) into law.  The new statutory provisions of this law took effect on May 4, 2012.  While most of these provisions had no direct impact upon the Background Record Check (BRC) process utilized by the Department of Early Education and Care (EEC) and its licensed and/or funded programs, there were some procedural changes to the process. 

The most significant change was how the Social Security number is processed.  As of May 7, 2012, all electronic BRC requests made through EEC’s BRC Manager by EEC licensed and or funded programs for employees, volunteers or interns and by Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies (CCR&Rs) for in-home non-relative providers must contain the last six digits only of the applicant’s Social Security number.  The provision of the last six digits of the Social Security number is mandatory and information will not be accepted if that field is left blank.  However, for those applicants who have never been issued a Social Security number by the United States government, e.g. foreign exchange student interns or volunteers who are resident aliens, programs are allowed to check off a box indicating that the applicant has never been issued a Social Security number.  This check box is to be used only where no Social Security number exists and under no other circumstances.  For those programs using paper applications – or for those applying for EEC Licensee or Reviewer status – as well as all Family Child Care Educators, the paper application also reflects this requirement. 

Please note that, all paper applications submitted to EEC must be on the forms available on EEC’s website at (for Licensees and new applicants) and (for Reviewers) (for Family Child Care educators, assistants and household members/regularly on the premises)

Please be sure to check any blank forms that you may have in your possess to ensure that they require the last six digits of the Social Security number.  Any other blank BRC application forms should be discarded and replaced the forms available from EEC.

You may contact EEC’s Background Record Check Unit at 617-988-7801 should you have additional questions.