Dear Early Education and Care Programs and Providers,

EEC is pleased to announce the selection of the FY11 Mental Health Consultation Grantees. In FY11, EEC released a competitive procurement for grants that would collectively offer mental health consultation services to the entire state. This was a transition from the prior grant structure that while successful in offering both embedded and consultative services to a portion of the state's programs, left many programs and families in need without access to any services. In an effort to build a foundation of early childhood mental health supports in the Commonwealth, EEC switched to the statewide consultation model. A grantee is available in each EEC region to provide early childhood mental health consultation services to programs in the mixed delivery system (Head Start, private center-based, independent and system-affiliated family child care, private and public schools) and out of school time programs. Through direct consultation between the programs and the grantees, programs, families and children will be able to access direct services or referrals.

The primary objectives of this model are to:

• Promote the healthy social and emotional development of all children birth through age 14, particularly those children whose emotional development is compromised by poverty, biological or family risk factors, or other circumstances which may contribute to toxic levels of stress;

• Build the capacity of early education and care program staff through training and coaching models that promote positive social emotional development (e.g. the Center on Social Emotional Foundations for Early Learning's (CSEFEL) Pyramid Model) to enhance children's learning through positive, nurturing interactions with children and with their families and to address the needs of children who exhibit behavioral challenges;

• Attend to social-emotional needs of children so they are ready to learn and successful in their early education;

• Reduce the number of children who are suspended or expelled from Early Education and Care funded programs;

• Work in partnership with programs and families to promote collaboration for better access to supportive services for children and their families.


Please see below for detailed information by region about each grantee's model and services offered, as well as contact information. Programs that previously accessed services through the EEC Mental Health initiatives are encouraged to contact the grantee in their region to learn how they can help support the program through the change in service. All cities and towns are served in each EEC region and early education and care programs statewide may contact the grantee in their region for information about available services and referrals. For a list of towns by EEC Region and Mental Health grantee, please visit EEC's website: .

Thank you.


EEC Region 1 (Western) - Clinical and Support Options Services offered by CSO through the EEC Mental Health Consultation grant will include on-site consultation and site based individual child/family services, telephonic consultation to site based programs and family child care providers, and professional trainings for both centers and family child care providers. Services to families will include providing support to children and parents either on-site or home based, teaching behavioral strategies and interventions, access to CSO counseling/therapy on an outpatient basis and referrals to other needed resources. CSO staff will also provide comprehensive assessments for children with high-risk/acute presentation; provide a linkage between home environment and school based environment; and provide follow-up from behavior management specialists.


In addition to the EEC Mental Health Consultation services, CSO provides family and individual therapy; diagnostic evaluation; case management; child and adult psychiatry and medication management; psychological testing and assessment; advocacy; parent skills training; and crisis prevention planning and intervention. CSO is a designated Community Services Agency, a core network provider for all levels of CBHI services, including in-home therapy, in-home behavioral services, therapeutic mentoring, and mobile crisis intervention, and provides Intensive Care Coordination and Caregiver Peer to Peer Support.

CSO is able to serve the entire Western Massachusetts region. Current CSO outpatient programs are located in all the major population centers: Greenfield, Athol, Northampton, Springfield and Pittsfield.


Contact: For more information regarding CSO's Mental Health Consultation or Outpatient services, contact Karen Poisson, Director of Outpatient Services, at 413-737-9544 ext. 3002 or



EEC Region 2 (Central) - Together For Kids Behavioral Health Consultation Services A comprehensive mental health promotion, prevention and intervention model of service comprised of the following components: 1) infant, toddler, preschool and school age (ages 5-13) behavioral health consultation for educators and families; 2) trainings for educators and families on a variety of topics related to social-emotional health in children and 3) referrals for more intensive services (e.g., child/parent psychotherapy, psychological assessment). Services are designed to promote social-emotional wellness in children, assist educators/families to understand and appropriately respond to challenging behavior, build home-school partnerships and reduce suspensions and expulsions from early education and care settings. The goal is to assist children to become enjoyable family members, valued friends and successful learners so that they will develop a "foundation for success" in kindergarten and beyond.


Specially trained masters/doctoral degree mental health clinicians are available to provide behavioral health consultation and training for families and educators in Central Massachusetts (65 cities/towns in EEC Region 2). Infant, toddler, preschool and after-school child care programs licensed by the MA Department of Early Education and Care (EEC) are eligible to receive free behavioral health consultation services. Priority status will be granted to 1) EEC subsidized programs serving children ages birth to five and 2) programs in Worcester, Fitchburg, Leominster, Gardner, Southbridge and Webster. TFK consultation and training services are also available on a fee for service basis. Consultation and training services are also available on a fee for service basis.


Contact: To initiate a request for consultation, please call Community Healthlink Youth and Family Services at 508-791-3261 and ask to speak with the TFK on-call clinician. For more information, please contact Lynn Hennigan, Director of Services for Young Children, at 508-421-4453 or



EEC Region 3 (Northeast) - MSPCC Behavioral Health Support Services

MSPCC's Behavioral Health Support Services is a mental health consultation model of support funded by EEC and designed to address the social-emotional, behavioral, and mental health needs of young children. The program will provide telephone and on-site consultation to children enrolled in child care programs in the urban areas of the Northeast including Lawrence, Lowell, Haverhill and Lynn. All early childhood programs, after school programs, and family childcare providers in the cities and towns in the Northeast Region will have access to telephone consultation, trainings, and resources disseminated by mail or electronic systems (websites, webinars). In addition, mental health services funded through third party insurance will be offered to families in need of such services.


Contact: For additional information please contact Martha Robey, Behavior Health Support Services Director, at (978) 681-9579 or



EEC Region 4 (Metro) - Enable, Inc.

Enable, Inc. will be offering collaborative mental health consultation services to early education and care programs located in METRO West towns. Mental health clinicians will build partnerships and collaborative relationships with early childhood educators and families to support the emotional-social well-being of all enrolled children and address specific challenging behaviors. On-site program visits and child observations, telephone consultations, professional development opportunities for staff, center/home visits with parents, and referrals and care coordination for children and families to community mental health services for additional mental health services when needed will be provided.


Contact: For additional information contact Gail H. Brown at 781-821-4422 ext. 300 or



EEC Region 5 (Southeast and Cape) - Community Care Services, Inc.

Community Care Services, Inc. Mental Health Consultation Program provides assessments of children with challenging behaviors in Group, School-age, and Family Child Care programs. Assessments will include: General Mental Health Observation for the purpose of building positive relationships, classroom preventative practices, and social emotional teaching strategies; individual Functional Behavioral Assessments; individualize goal-oriented treatment plans for the classroom and home; assistance implementing the plan; program, provider, and family consultation; support for providers developing policy and procedures around child guidance; teacher and parent trainings; and individual child and family therapy.


Community Care Services, Inc. Mental Health Consultation Program promotes and utilizes the Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning (CSEFEL). A mental Health consultant is available for CSEFEL training and coaching.


Contact: For referrals please contact Dr. Robert Frazier, Director of Clinical Services, at 508-821-7777, ext. 350 or



EEC Region 6 (Metro Boston) - The Home for Little Wanderers The Preschool Outreach Program at The Home for Little Wanderers will be serving Region 6 as designated by EEC. This area includes all areas of Boston, along with Winthrop, Revere, Chelsea, and Brookline.


Services offered under the Mental Health Consultation Services Grant include:

• Conducting classroom and program assessments and individual observation and assessments of children with parent/guardian consent.

• Providing flexible, on-site mentoring, training and/or support for teachers/providers related to classroom management and supporting positive teacher and child relationships;

• Providing individual consultation and group training in areas of identified needs, including follow-up support and mentoring in the classroom;

• Providing training and practice/coaching in the use of social-emotional and developmental screening tools

• Providing parent consultation and referrals for families as necessary.

• Providing child and family therapy when necessary.


Contact: Referrals and inquiries for services can be directed to the Program Director, Ellen Queeney, LICSW at (617)-264-5305 or by email at