On March 31, 2010 EEC amended the Child Care Resource and Referral Services Request for Responses (RFR # 2010 EEC CCRRS RFR FY 2010) to remove the requirement that bidders proposing Level One Services must propose to serve a minimum of 5,000 families and 1,000 licensed providers within each Region they are seeking to serve. Since posting the amendment EEC has received inquiries regarding the purpose and intent of that amendment.

EEC amended the RFR after reviewing the comments and questions presented during the bidders' conferences and the underlying data/ estimates that went in to EEC's calculations that established the 5,000/ 1,000 minimum eligibility requirements. Based on this review, EEC has determined that in some areas (for example, sparsely populated areas or areas with isolated populations) the 5,000/1,000 minimum may result in inadequate coverage within one or more regions.

Please note, that although there is no longer a minimum number of families or licensed providers that a bidder must propose to serve within each Region, bidders must continue to submit one proposal for each Region they are seeking to serve, regardless of whether they are seeking to serve the entire Region or a portion of a Region. In addition, in evaluating the responses, EEC will make awards based on several factors (as identified in the RFR), including the quality and number of the responses submitted, efficiencies and cost-savings measures, streamlining the subsidy and information and referral process for families, ensuring the linguistic and cultural needs of families are met, ensuring adequate geographic coverage, and best value to the Commonwealth.

The RFR closes on April 14, 2010 at 4:30pm.