Access Management Procurement

New Response Due date and Time: April 14th by 4:30 pm

Through this procurement EEC is seeking proposals from vendors for any or all of the three levels of services integral to an Access Management System. These include subsidy management, information and referral, and enhanced consumer education.

With respect to subsidies, vouchers afford parents a great deal of choice in deciding which provider they want to care for their children and the location of the care. The voucher travels with the parent should they decide to change providers. As one vehicle through which families can access high quality early education and care services, vouchers play a key role in EEC's mission of providing the foundation to support all children in their development as lifelong learners, as well as supporting families as parents and caregivers.

With respect to information and referrals, families need individualized information that is responsive to their needs. Families need to be treated with respect in a culturally and linguistically responsive manner. The information provided must be up-to-date, accurate, and presented in layman's terms.

As to enhanced consumer education, it is important that families are informed through various communication modes about child growth and development, early education and care services, and their role as their child's first teacher. Concrete supports that may be available to meet their needs should be made widely known and locally available.

EEC will accept bids from public or private organizations that are legally authorized to conduct business in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and that possess the skills needed to perform the required services outlined in this RFR for any or all of the three Levels of Services being purchased:

Level I (subsidy management and information and referral services for EEC subsidized families and providers/Systems that accept EEC subsidies);
Level II (information and referral services for families and providers);
Level III (enhanced consumer education).

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