The Department of Early Education and Care (EEC) recently conducted a competitive procurement to purchase statewide Child Care Resource and Referral (CCR&R) Services. Through intentional provision of child care resource and referral services, EEC intends to focus its resources such that (1) families have access to high quality information, resources and referrals that meet their specific needs and are educated regarding cost, quality and availability of early education and out of school time care; and (2) provider development and engagement services support intentional, coordinated, and measurable efforts that are aligned with QRIS and ensure provider access to training and technical assistance that links to EEC licensing requirements and standards.  CCR&Rs will use the Strengthening Families framework, which provides a concrete frame to support families, increase knowledge of growth and development, and increase knowledge of social and emotional development, resilience and social networks.

EEC initiated this procurement to comply with state laws intended to ensure that services are purchased at the best value to the Commonwealth. As a result of this competitive procurement, some existing CCR&R agencies were not awarded contracts to provide these essential services. EEC recognizes that this outcome will require a period of transition in some regions across the Commonwealth. EEC is committed to ensuring that this transition minimally impacts the providers, children and families in the affected areas and, to this end, is working with all of the CCR&R agencies to develop a formal transition plan. Information and updates regarding this transition will be posted on EEC's website, as it becomes available.

The following list of Child Care Resource and Referral agencies (CCRR) include links to the list of towns they serve as of January 1, 2013.

CACCI, Child Care Network - Region: Southeast and CapePDF

Child Care Choices of Boston - Region: Metro BostonPDF

Child Care Circuit, Community Day Care of Lawrence - Region: NortheastPDF

Children's Aid and Family Services - Region: Central MassachusettsPDF

New England Farm Workers - Region: Western MassachusettsPDF

PACE, Child Care Works - Region: Southeast and CapePDF

Quincy Community Action Programs, Inc. - Region: Metro BostonPDF