FY2012 Educator and Provider Support Renewal Grant

EEC is pleased to announce the FY2012 Educator and Provider Support continuation RFP. EEC's mission is to provide the foundation that supports all children in their development as lifelong learners and contributing members of the community, and to support families in their essential work as parents and caregivers. EEC recognizes that the early education and care and out of school time workforce is the backbone of our services; we value and support their skill development, diversity, and fair compensation.

Responses to this RFP are due to EEC by 4:00 PM on March 11, 2011. Please see the RFP for a timeline of additional dates relevant to responding to this RFP.

The following Appendices are for reference only; they do NOT need to be filled out by the Respondent or included in any response submitted.

Applicants must also complete and submit one original packet of the following forms with their RFP response (unless applicant already has these documents on file with the Commonwealth of MA)

Information provided by the Department of Early Education and Care . Created: January 28, 2010. Updated: February 8, 2011