• FY2014 Coordinated Family and Community Engagement Grant

    EEC is pleased to announce the FY2014 Coordinated Family and Community Engagement (CFCE) Grant Application Request for Response (RFR).

    This grant seeks to renew programs and services provided by FY2013 Coordinated Family and Community Engagement (CFCE) grantees; therefore, only vendors that received a grant in FY2013 are eligible to apply for this renewal funding. 

  • FY2014 Head Start Supplemental Renewal Grant

    The Massachusetts Head Start State Supplemental Renewal Grant aims to support the development and creation of a system of early quality education and care. In this system, Head Start (HS) and Early Head Start (EHS) programs are key partners in supporting and enhancing the Department of Early Education and Care (EEC) broader commitment to ensure that all children and families have access to the full array of Head Start services.

  • FY2014 Inclusive Preschool Learning Environment Renewal Grant

    EEC is pleased to announce the FY2014 Inclusive Preschool Learning Environments Renewal Grant.  This grant allows lead agencies to serve preschoolers with disabilities in high-quality inclusive settings with their same-aged peers.  Fund Code 391 was released as part of the Early Childhood Special Education Consolidated Grants Renewal package, and was formerly known as the Chapter 188/Phase I Direct Services of Community Partnership for Children Grant (CPC).

  • FY2014 Universal Pre-Kindergarten Renewal Grant

    Through this renewal Universal Pre-Kindergarten (UPK) Grant Application, EEC may award grants to existing UPK programs who will support and enhance the quality of services for children in UPK classrooms, especially for “high needs children,” as well as promote school readiness and positive outcomes for children participating in UPK classrooms and homes.

  • FY2014/FY2015 EEC Assessment Grant Fund Code 513

    The use of child screening and assessment systems in preschool and after-school settings is an important method to support developmentally appropriate individualized teaching and is an integral piece of high quality programming. 

    This is a competitive grant.  Only entities that are able to provide the required services outlined in this grant application are eligible to apply.  EEC expects to award funds to one to three vendors that are able to provide services to either the entire Commonwealth or large portions of the state (portions of the state to be determined by the applications that are submitted).

  • FY2014/FY2015 QRIS Measurement Tools Grant - Fund Code 514

    EEC will award grants to one or more entities that will design and coordinate training on the QRIS measurement tools to support program improvement in settings serving children birth to 13 across the Commonwealth. 

  • FY2014 Educator and Provider Support Grant

    Through this competitive Grant Application, EEC may award grants to one or more vendor(s) who will provide professional development opportunities and services  which support adults to gain knowledge and skills which they can apply to practice through completion of multiple opportunities.  These professional development opportunities must be aligned with the MA Quality Rating and Improvement System.  The target audience of this intervention is programs and the workforce that provide the early education and out of school time three core areas: educator and provider pathways, coaching and mentoring in support of matriculation or competency development, and competency development.

  • FY2014 Mental Health Consultation Grant

    As part of a broader comprehensive statewide system of mental health supports for children and families, EEC in collaboration with the Department of Mental Health (DMH), aims to provide a statewide system of mental health consultation services. Through this open competitive grant, EEC may award grants to either new or existing vendors able to provide mental health consultation services that meet the needs of the programs, providers, educators, children, families and communities throughout the Commonwealth.