Grant Description & Purpose

EEC is pleased to announce the FY2014 Mental Health Consultation Grant Application Request for Response (RFR). As part of a broader comprehensive statewide system of mental health supports for children and families, EEC in collaboration with the Department of Mental Health (DMH), aims to provide a statewide system of mental health consultation services. Through this open competitive grant, EEC may award grants to either new or existing vendors able to provide mental health consultation services that meet the needs of the programs, providers, educators, children, families and communities throughout the Commonwealth.

The FY2014 Mental Health Consultation Grant is intended to implement a statewide mental health system of consultation services.   The objectives of the model are as follows: 

  • Promote the healthy social and emotional development of all children, particularly those children whose development is compromised by circumstances which may contribute to toxic levels of stress;
  • Provide guidance to program staff, educators, and families to enhance children’s learning through positive, nurturing interactions and foster collaborative relationships between families, educators and other direct service providers;
  • Build the capacity of program staff and educators to individualize curriculum and create healthy, learning environments that are responsive to children with a range of developmental, social and emotional needs, so that children can be successful in their education;
  • Improve programs’ abilities to successfully retain children who may have otherwise been suspended or expelled due to challenging behaviors, using strength-based approaches;
  • Engage educators and programs in a range of community supports for children and their families; and
  • Maximize resources by ensuring that certain mental health interventions are funded, when appropriate, through insurance payments.

Responses to this Grant Application (RFR) are due to EEC by 4:00 PM on April 29, 2013. Please see the Grant Application (RFR) for a timeline of additional dates relevant to responding to this Grant Application (RFR).

Eligible Applicants

This is a competitive grant that is open to all vendors that are able to demonstrate through the submission of a successful grant application that they are able to meet the priorities and required services as outlined.  EEC expects to award funds to a vendor or vendors providing the best value to the Commonwealth with the goal of identifying a vendor or vendors capable of providing mental health consultation services across all EEC regions, cities, towns and communities.  Vendors may apply to cover the entire Commonwealth, specific region or regions, and/or geographic area(s) that cover specific cities, towns and communities thereof. See Appendix D for a list of towns by EEC region.




1.  Grant Application Release/Posting:

February 27, 2013


3.  Bidder’s/Renewal conference:

Location:  EEC Boston Central Office,

51 Sleeper Street, 4th Floor, Boston, MA 02210

March 11, 2013

1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

2.  Submission of Intent to Bid:

Email Intent to Bid to

March 13, 2013

4:00 PM

Submission of Written Inquiries:

Applicants must submit written inquiries to

March 13, 2013

4:00 PM

Response to Written Inquiries:


March 20, 2013 (estimated)


Submission Deadline:Revised 

Applicants must submit proposals to


April 29, 2013

4:00 PM

EEC must be in receipt of

 One (1) original and three (3) copies of required grant application documents (hard copy)


April 29, 2013

4:00 PM

Preliminary Notification of Grantees                                            

June 20, 2013 (estimated)


Bidders are Notified of Awards:

June 30, 2013 (estimated)


Grant Start Date:

July 1, 2013 (estimated)



FY2014 Mental Health Questions Answers doc format of FY14_Mental_Health_Questions_Answers_4_18_13.doc

FY14 Mental Health Bidder’s Conference Presentation-3-11-13 pdf format of MH 2014 BiddersConference_3_11_13.pdf
file size 1MB

 Application Information

To apply for this grant click here:  FY2014 Mental Health Consultation Grant docx format of FY14 Mental Health Consultation Grant RFR .docx


Application Submission Information

In accordance with the submission requirements detailed below, all required documents, including the online application, budget workbook, narrative questions, attachments, and fiscal forms must be received at EEC’s Central Office by 4:00 PM on April 29, 2013.


Section A:  Online Application

The submission deadline for the grant application has passed.


The online portion of the grant application includes the following information that must be submitted online, printed and submitted as part of the application by mail with 1 original and 3 copies.

1)  Program Contacts

2)  Communities Served

3)  Languages Spoken


Section B.  All of the following documents below must be submitted:

  • by mail with one (1) original (all signatures must be in blue ink) and three (3) copies,
  • electronically


  1. Checklist for Grant Application docx format of FY14_MH_Checklist.docx
  2. Signed Cover Page doc format of FY14_MH_Signed_Cover_Page.doc
  3. Budget Workbook xls format of eec_budget_workbook_mentalhealth_3_28_13.xls
(Updated 3-28-2013)
  4. FY14 Narrative Questions docx format of FY14 Mental Health Narrative Questions.docx
( Section 1 & 2)
  5. Copy of Indirect Cost Approval Letter (if you are claiming Indirect Cost)
  6. Other Program Forms
    1. Letters of Support from Prospective programs to be served; and
    2. Workforce Staffing Cover Page, related Job Descriptions and Resumes

    Required Electronic Submissions:

    Submit documents via email as an attachment to include name of grant and name of your agency on the subject line of the email.  Example:  FY2014 Mental Health Grant, Boston Social Services.


    Applicants must also complete and mail one original packet of the following forms with their Grant Application response (unless applicant already has these documents on file with the Commonwealth of MA)


    Commonwealth of Massachusetts Standard Administrative Forms:



    Department of Early Education and Care

    FY2014 Mental Health Consultation Grant, Agency Name, Program Name

    Attention: Michele Smith, Grants Administration

    51 Sleeper Street, 4th Floor

    Boston, MA  02210


    Additional Information

    The following Appendices are for reference only; they do NOT need to be filled out by the Respondent or included in any response submitted.

    • Appendix A doc format of Appendix_A_Budget_Instructions_3_6_13.doc
file size 1MB : Budget Workbook Instructions (Updated 6-13-2013)
    • Appendix B doc format of Appendix_B_Evaluation_Rating_Criteria.doc
:  Evaluation and Rating Criteria                                                                    
    • Appendix C doc format of Appendix_C_Grant_Payments_Terms.doc
:  Grant Payment Terms, Grant Expenditures, Termination, Recoupment of Funds, and Relevant Law
    • Appendix D pdf format of Appendix_D_Towns_Cities_EEC_regions.pdf
:  List of Towns and Cities in each EEC Region
    • Appendix E-1 pdf format of Appendix_E-1_Demographic_Information.pdf
:  Demographic Information Regarding Cities and Towns in Massachusetts
    • Appendix E-2 pdf format of APPENDIX_E-2_MH_Formula_Narrative.pdf
:  Mental Health Consultation Grant Formula Narrative
    • Appendix F pdf format of Appenix_F_Allocation_of_Funding.pdf
:  Allocation of Funding: Estimated Amounts Available by Cities/Towns

         Appendix G: Grant Specific Resources:     

    1. Appendix G1 pdf format of Appendix_G-1_CSAandMBE_ContactsbyRegion_.pdf
:   CSA and MBE 2013 Contacts List by Region
    2. Appendix G2 doc format of Appendix_G-2_Supporting_Childrens Healthy_Social
:  “Support Children’s Healthy, Social Emotional Development”