Grant Description & Purpose

In an effort to provide an opportunity for eligible grantees that have NOT yet submitted their applications by the initial deadline, June 19, 2012, the FY2013 Inclusive Preschool Learning Environments Grant (IPLE) is being re-issued.  The application due date is being extended from June 19, 2012 to October 16, 2012.  Beyond the deadline, October 16, 2012, we will not be able to honor any applications and will forfeit these funds. 

The Inclusive Preschool Learning Environments Grant (IPLE), formerly known as Chapter 188/Phase I Direct Services of Community Partnership for Children Grant (CPC). This grant allows lead agencies to serve preschoolers with disabilities in high-quality inclusive settings with their typically developing same-aged peers.  Fund Code 391 was formerly released as part of the Early Childhood Special Education Consolidated Grants Renewal package.  In FY13 Fund Code 391 and Fund Code 262 are being issued in as separate grants applications (RFRs)


If an eligible applicant (check Appendix C for eligibility status) has not already submitted an application, please read the following information carefully. 

Responses to this Grant Application (RFR) are due to EEC by 4:00 PM on October 16, 2012. Please see the Grant Application (RFR) for a timeline of additional dates relevant to responding to this Grant Application(RFR).

Eligible Applicants

Vendors who received grants awards through the FY2012 Inclusive Preschool Learning Environments Grant (Fund Code 391-A) that continue to meet the definition of Inclusive Preschool Learning Environments are eligible to apply for these renewal funds. 


Grant Application (RFR) Release/Posting:September 28, 2012 - 4:00 PM
Submission of Written InquiriesOctober 4, 2012  - 4:00 PM
Applicants must submit written inquiries
Response to Written Inquiries:October 5, 2012  - 4:00 PM
Submission Deadline:October 16, 2012 - 4:00 PM
Applicants must submit proposals
Follow-up:October 17 – October 19, 2012
Grantees Submit Final Documentation:October 22, 2012- 4:00 PM
Bidders are Notified of Awards:On or near October 29, 2012
Grant Start Date:   November 1, 2012


Application Information

To apply for this grant click here:          

FY2013 Inclusive Preschool Learning Environments Grant (Fund Code 391-A) Question and Answers doc format of FY13391A_Questions_Answers.doc

  FY2013 Inclusive Preschool Learning Environments Grant doc format of FY013_IPLE_Grant_Aapplication_RFR.doc


Application Submission Information

All required documents, including electronic workbook, proposal narrative, attachments, and fiscal forms must be received at EEC’s Central Office by 4:00 PM on October 16, 2012.

To be submitted electronically:

The Required Forms below must be submitted via email as an attachment to  Please include the name of your agency and name of grant as the subject line of the email. 


To be mailed to:

The Required forms below must be submitted by mail with one original (all signatures must be in blue ink) and one copy of these documents.

  1. Checklist for Grant Application doc format of FY2013_IPLE_Checklist.doc
  2. Signed Cover Sheet doc format of FY2013_IPLE_Signed_Cover_Page.doc
(may be a scanned signed original, PDF)
  3. Proposal Narrative doc format of FY13IPLE_391_Proposal_Narrative.doc
  4. FY13 IPLE Budget Workbook xls format of FY13IPLE391BudgetWorkbook.xls
file size 1MB
    a) Front Page
    b) Fund Allocation and Narrative
    c) Signed Schedule A Form (if applicable)
    d) Agency Contact Information Form 
  1. Preschool Outreach, Selection and Enrollment Procedures and Policies pptx format of FY2013_IPLE_Grant_Renewal_Conference.pptx
  2. Preschool Rate Sheet  or a Statement indicating that Preschool Fees are not collected
  3. QRIS School/Program Participation Form xls format of FY13-IPLE_QRIS_School_and_Program_Participation_Form
file size 2MB


Applicants must also complete and mail one original packet of the following forms with their Grant Application response (unless applicant already has these documents on file with the Commonwealth of MA)


MA Standard Administrative Forms



Department of Early Education and Care

FY2013 Inclusive Preschool Learning Environments Grant (Fund Code 391-A)

Attention: Jessica Fix, Grants Administration

51 Sleeper Street, 4th Floor

Boston, MA  02210


Additional Information

The following Appendices are for reference only; they do NOT need to be filled out by the Respondent or included in any response submitted.

Appendix A:   FY2013 Instructions for IPLE Budget Workbook doc format of Appendix_A_FY13_Instructionsforiple_Budgetworkbook.doc

Appendix B:  FY2013 Evaluation and Rating Criteria doc format of Appendix_B_FY13_Rating_Criteria.doc

Appendix C:  FY2013 Inclusive Preschool Learning Environments Grant Eligibility Amounts xls format of Appendix_C_FY13_Fund_Code_391_Allocation_Amounts.xls

Appendix D:  FY2013 Grant Payment Terms, Grant Expenditures, Termination, Recoupment of Funds, and Relevant Law doc format of Appendix_D_FY13_Grant_Payments_Terms_Revised.doc


Appendix E: IPLE Resources

  1. PK-3rd Grade Alignment Presentation
  2. QRIS Resources for Programs -
  3. Curriculum, Learning, and Assessment Resources