• 2015 RTTT- ELCG 4.2-Year 4 Evidence-based Literacy Grant

  • ELCG Project 4.3 Supporting Family Literacy - B

    Through this competitive Grant Application, EEC seeks to supplement existing adult literacy programs with the addition of a proven family literacy resource.  This resource is intended to engage and support a minimum of 25 families of high needs children per grantee to promote school readiness for their children through the provision of specific adult literacy activities, including use of the IBM Reading Companion software, and the provision of information and techniques to enable parents to support literacy development in their children.  EEC is grateful to International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) for its partnership and generosity in this initiative.

  • RTTT- ELCG 4.2 Evidence-based Literacy Grant FY2015 EEC Grant Fund Code 806

  • ELCG: Project 3.6 Child Assessment Tools

    With this funding EEC seeks to purchase paper based and on-line child assessment tools, tool-kits, IT subscriptions, and accompanying technical assistance to allow early education and care programs (schools, family child care providers, and center-based programs) to gather, collect and input on-line data regarding children enrolled in their programs.  This data will be used to develop policies, inform stakeholders, and plan for the future.

  • Evidence Based Early Literacy Grant

    December 6, 2012:  The FY13 ELCG 4.2 Evidence Based Literacy Grant Recipient Awards have been posted on the EEC website and on Comm-PASS.

    This is a competitive grant to provide support to existing FY13 CFCE grantees to enhance their implementation of evidence-based early literacy programming for children and families in their communities. 

    Through this application, EEC is seeking CFCE grantees that can integrate the use of evidence-based early literacy models into their existing practice and provide ongoing/year round opportunities for parents and children to learn and practice early literacy skills together.

  • ELCG Project 2.8: FY2013 Business Planning

    With this funding EEC seeks to develop an easily accessible course to assist educators in both home-based and center-based settings with implementing sound business practices that will result in higher scores on the PAS and BAS to meet higher level criteria on the QRIS to demonstrate improved program quality.

  • ELCG: Project 11.1 Communication Infrastructure Strategy and Campaign

    The purpose of this grant program is to increase inter-agency and public understanding of the role of early education and care in Massachusetts and the Readiness System that the Commonwealth is building.  Through this Grant Application, EEC seeks to award a grant to launch the second phase of this work statewide.  

  • ELCG Project 5.3 FY2013 Early Education Partnerships: Birth to Grade Three Strategy

    The purpose of this competitive grant program is to provide support to local communities to enhance their integrated and coordinated Birth to Grade Three alignment.

  • ELCG Project 8.2 - 8.3 - 8.4 Validation of Educator Competency

    Through this competitive Grant Application, EEC seeks to fund one or more qualified applicants to validate the factors inherent in educator competency based on analysis of effective classroom practice with children birth to age 5 as defined by their achievement of desired outcomes in three key areas, social emotional development, literacy, and numeracy. 

  • ELCG Project 4.3 Supporting Family Literacy

    Through this competitive Grant Application, EEC seeks to supplement existing adult literacy programs with the addition of a proven family literacy resource. 

  • ELCG Project 5.2 Regional Readiness Center Activities

    Through this application process EEC may award grants to existing Regional Readiness Centers to provide professional development opportunities to the early education and care workforce in the mixed delivery system and to convene early childhood educators, providers, and stakeholders within the region and across the state.

  • ELCG: Higher Education for English Language Learners

    Through this competitive Grant Application, EEC seeks to award funds  to an institution of higher education (IHE) to design and deliver an innovative program for educators who are English language learners (ELL) to access higher education while providing the immediate content needed to improve practice with children birth to age 5, who are engaged in formal early education and care.  Specifically, this funding will target paraprofessionals and assistant teachers whose primary language is not English, with the goal of equipping them to effectively assist dual language learner students by achieving higher academic coursework and credentials themselves.

  • Financial Literacy Education Project

    The Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care (EEC) is seeking to contract with a vendor to develop a Financial Literacy Education online course, develop an accompanying webinar, and provide trainers’ training on this course to Coordinated Family and Community Engagement (CFCE) grantee agencies in the Commonwealth.