Grant Description & Purpose:


Through this application process EEC may award grants to existing Regional Readiness Centers to provide professional development opportunities to the early education and care workforce in the mixed delivery system and to convene early childhood educators, providers, and stakeholders within the region and across the state.


Grant Application Release/Posting:                                 April 12, 2012 
Bidders’ Conference Call:April 18, 20122:30 PM
Submission of Intent to Bid:  April 18, 20124:00 PM

Submission of Written Inquiries:        

Applicants must submit written inquiries to RTTTProcurement@MassMail.State.MA.US

April 20, 20124:00 PM
Response to Written Inquiries:    April 27, 2012 (estimated) 

Submission Deadline:

Applicants must submit proposals to RTTTProcurement@MassMail.State.MA.US

June 1, 20124:00 PM
Follow-up:                                                                                 June 4-June 15, 2012 
Grantees Submit Final Documentation:June 19, 20124:00 PM
Bidders are Notified of Awards:                                            June 25, 2012 
Grant Start Date:                                                                      July 2, 2012  

Question and Answers:

ELCG Project 5.2 Question and Answers pdf format of    ELCG project 5 2 Additional Questions and Answers 5-18  (Part II)

ELCG Project 5.2 Questions and Answers pdf format of    ELCG Project 5.2 Questions and AnswersA.PDF   

Application Information:

To apply for this grant click here:

ELCG: Project 5.2 Regional Readiness Center Activities RFR docx format of    RTTT ELCG 5.2- Readiness Center Grant Application April


Application Submission Information:

In accordance with the submission requirements detailed below, all required documents, including electronic workbook, proposal narrative, attachments, and standard administrative and fiscal forms must be received at EEC’s Central Office by 4:00 PM on May 18, 2012.


To be submitted electronically:

The required grant application and program forms below must be submitted via email as an attachment to RTTTProcurement@MassMail.State.MA.USPlease include name of grant and name of your agency on the subject line of the email.  Example:  FY 2013 Education Grant, Boston Social Services

  1. Check List for Grant Application docx format of    RTTT Grant Checklist CD FINAL.docx
  2. Signed Cover Page docx format of    FY2013 Signed Cover Page.docx
  3. Budget Detail xlsx format of    Budget Template FINAL.xlsx
  4. Budget Narrative xlsx format of    Budget Narrative Spreadsheet FINAL.xlsx
  5. Proposal Narrative docx format of    Readiness Center Proposal Narrative.docx
  6. Performance Measures and Outcomes Form xlsx format of    Performance Measures and Outcomes Form.xlsx
  7. Copy of Federally approved Indirect Cost Approval Letter (if you are claiming Indirect Cost)
  8. Certification Regarding Lobbying Form doc format of    RTT ELCG Certification Regarding Lobbying Form.doc
  9. Supplier Diversity Program Plan Form doc format of    supplierdiversityprogramform.doc


To be mailed:

One original (all signatures must be in blue ink) and three copies of these documents.

  1. Check List for Grant Application
  2. Signed Cover Page
  3. Budget Detail
  4. Budget Narrative
  5. Proposal Narrative
  6. Performance Measures and Outcomes Form
  7. Copy of Federally approved Indirect Cost Approval Letter (if you are claiming Indirect Cost)
  8. Certification Regarding Lobbying Form
  9. Supplier Diversity Program Plan Form



Applicants must also complete and mail one original packet of the following forms with their Grant Application response (unless applicant already has these documents on file with the Commonwealth of MA)

MA Standard Administrative Forms



Department of Early Education and Care

FY2013 Regional Readiness Center Activities Grant

Attention: Loida Marquez

51 Sleeper Street, 4th Floor

Boston, MA 02210


EEC may disqualify any incomplete grant applications from consideration/review.


Please note: If your application is selected for funding, EEC will e-mail an Interagency Service Agreement.  This Form will need to be printed, signed (in blue ink), and returned to EEC prior to the project start date.  Directions on how to submit that signed form to EEC will be explained with the form.


Additional Information:

The following Appendices are for reference only; they do NOT need to be filled out by the Respondent or included in any response submitted.

Appendix A:  RTTT-ELC Budget Detail and Narrative Instructions docx format of    Appendix A RTTT-ELC Budget Detail and Narrative Instruc          

Appendix B:  Evaluation and Rating Criteria docx format of    Appendix B Evaluation and Rating Criteria.docx                                                                      

Appendix C:  Eligibility Amounts docx format of    Appendix C Eligibilty Amounts.docx                                                               

Appendix D:  Grant Payment Terms, Grant Expenditures, Termination, Recoupment of Funds, and Relevant Law doc format of    Appendix D Grant Payment Terms RTTT 4-11-12 FINAL.doc     

Appendix E:  MA QRIS Standards and EEC Core Competencies docx format of    Appendix E MA QRIS Standards and EEC Core Competencies.

Appendix F: Kindergarten Entry Assessment (KEA) Activities docx format of    Appendix F KEA Activities.docx

Appendix G:  Kindergarten Entry Assessment (KEA) Cohort 1 Districts docx format of    Appendix G KEA Cohort 1.docx

Appendix H: Requirements for Sub-recipients of Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge Grant Funds docx format of    Appendix H Requirements for Sub-recipients.docx