EEC Management Bulletin
EMB FY 2011-03

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Subject:ARRA Preschool Child Care Education Program Update
Date Issued:September 20, 2010
Effective Date:Immediate
For Use By:EEC Contracted Providers, Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies (CCR&Rs), and Head Start Programs
Synopsis:Provides updated information on the Preschool Child Care Education Program.
Supersedes:Updates EMB FY2011-02 section regarding the ARRA Preschool Child Care Education Program.


The purpose of this Bulletin is to update components of the ARRA Preschool Child Care Education (PSCCE) program. On Tuesday, September 14, 2010, the EEC Board voted to allow all preschool children to participate in PSCCE and to add a quality component to the program.

Access to ARRA PSCCE Program

All preschool children, not just those entering kindergarten in September, 2011 are now eligible to participate in the PSCCE program (e.g., preschool children age 2.9 and up). All preschool children are able to access care only through the ARRA Preschool Child Care Education (PSCCE) program, regardless of whether they are accessing care from the waitlist or as a sibling of a child in subsidized care. Children may be enrolled through both vouchers and ARRA contract flex lines.

Access to this program will continue until December 31, 2010. Preschool children enrolled in the PSCCE program may continue in care until August 31, 2011.

As always, EEC contracted providers may enroll children from the wait list on a first come first served basis when they have open contract slots and no children matching the open program type enrolled in the flex pool.

Quality Component

In addition, qualifying preschool programs that can demonstrate quality components, similar to those required by the Kindergarten Entry Enrichment Program (KEEP), will receive an additional daily add-on rate of $17.22 per child. These quality components include:

  • full-day services (e.g., ten hours per day and five days per week);
  • partnerships with a public school system to aid in transition services, supports and communications between families and the school system;

  • classroom sizes limited to twelve to fifteen children in center-based programs (family child care providers may only enroll up to their licensed capacity);

  • for center-based programs: classrooms must be staffed by at least two teachers, one of which is strongly encouraged to hold a bachelor's degree; for family child care programs: classrooms must be supervised by a staff person with a bachelor's degree or higher (master's degree preferred);

  • all programs must be supervised by a staff person with a bachelor's degree or higher (Master's degree preferred);

  • support for English language learners (ELL) must be evident (e.g., having a staff person available who speaks the native language of the ELLs);

  • programs must demonstrate a focus on school readiness, including family engagement, curricula, assessment and alignment with public school system; and

  • programs must agree to use an EEC-approved assessment system and agree to administer whole child assessments for the purpose of providing aggregate level data to EEC.

Please note: preschool programs that are unable to meet the quality components are still able to enroll children through the Preschool Child Care Education initiative but will not receive the additional add-on rate.

Qualification for Quality Component

The Request for Qualifications and accompanying survey was posted on September 17, 2010. The deadline for submission is September 23, 2010. Qualifying programs will be notified on September 28, 2010. A "Question and Answer" document that describes how to use vouchers, contracts and the flex pool for PSCCE will be posted shortly. This "Question and Answer" document will be updated on an ongoing basis.

Information provided by the Department of Early Education and Care. Created: November 1, 2010.