Child Care Licensing Policy Statement
Number: P-EEC-09

Whenever the Care Resource & Referral Agency (CCR&R) enters a voucher provider agreement with a licensed child care provider, the provider must be informed that any allegations of non-compliance with licensing regulations will be reported by the CCR&R to the Department of Early Education and Care.

When a CCR&R or a Voucher Management Agency (VMA) receives information alleging a violation of child care licensing regulations by a licensed provider, it will immediately take the following actions:

  • encourage the complainant to contact EEC directly to file a complaint;
  • notify EEC regarding the complaint;
  • follow EEC directives regarding notification to the provider. In cases alleging over-enrollment, insufficient staff: child ratios, improper supervision, or physical or sexual abuse, the Department may request that notification of the provider be delayed;
  • discontinue referrals or voucher issuance to the provider, if directed by EEC;
  • arrange for the transfer of any children receiving vouchers in care with the particular provider, if directed by EEC;
  • discontinue payment to the provider, if directed by EEC;
  • terminate the voucher provider agreement with the provider, if appropriate.

EEC will investigate all allegations against licensed providers of non-compliance with licensing standards. EEC will notify the CCR&R or VMA in writing of any enforcement action taken against a provider, including enrollment freezes, orders to dis-enroll or reduce capacity, emergency suspensions, revocations or refusals to renew a license. EEC will also notify the CCR&R or VMA in writing if/when the licensing concerns are remediated and referrals, placements or payments may be resumed.