Child Care Licensing and Subsidy Policy Statement
Number: P-ECC-02

Child care programs serving families that receive EEC subsidies must, upon request, provide EEC staff and staff of the local CCR&R with any information maintained in children's records that is relevant to a family's eligibility for a child care subsidy. Such information sharing is in furtherance of the Commonwealth Terms and Conditions and individual voucher provider agreements with CCR&Rs, which permit EEC to access records to determine compliance with EEC subsidy rules and requirements. In addition, such information sharing is in furtherance of EEC Licensing and Enforcement regulations, which require licensees to provide EEC access to their facilities, records, staff, and references to determine compliance with EEC regulations. See 102 CMR 1.06(3).

Accordingly, the sharing of information maintained in a child's records does not constitute a breach of child care licensing regulations governing confidentiality of records, when the information is relevant to the family's eligibility for a subsidy, is shared for the purpose of determining compliance with EEC subsidy regulations or policies, and is provided to EEC or to EEC' designated authority (e.g., the CCR&R).

Information provided by the Department of Early Education and Care . Created: January 10, 2008