Supportive Child Care Subsidy Policy Statement
Number: P-EEC-Supportive-02

The Department of Children and Families (DCF) will determine eligibility for Supportive Child Care. The DCF social worker will arrange for the provision of Supportive Child Care Services as part of a service plan for families who have open protective cases with the Department. Supportive Child Care is appropriate for DCF families only when child care supports the specific goals outlined in the family's DCF service plan.

Families are eligible for Supportive Child Care Services when they have active protective needs documented in a supported 51A within the previous 12 months, or when there is a determination of need to begin or continue Supportive Child Care at a Progress Supervisory Review.

Foster children are eligible for Supportive Child Care only when the child needs the support of social services in addition to child care, and is in care following a supported 51A. In cases where the primary reason for child care is the work or training need of the foster parent, EEC Income Eligible Child Care must be utilized through the EEC Foster Parent Work/Training Child Care Initiative or through regular Income Eligible Child Care.

The Supportive Child Care authorization is valid for no more than six months, and may be renewed once. No child may remain in Supportive Child Care for more than one year without the written approval of the DCF Area Director or his/her designee.

Information provided by the Department of Early Education and Care . Created: October 25, 2002.