Teen Parent Child Care Subsidy

Child care enrollments are authorized in accordance with priorities established by EEC. Such priorities in the Teen Parent Child Care program include supporting continuity of care for previously enrolled families, and emphasizing assistance for teens to successfully complete high school or high school equivalency (GED) programs.

Continuity of Care

Families with continuity of care needs may re- enroll in Teen Parent Child Care services prior to the enrollment of new families. Continuity of care needs include:

  • currently enrolled families who must change geographic locations;
  • previously enrolled teen parents who need to be re-enrolled into a program within 3 months after a temporary termination of care due to either the child's illness, an accident, parent's extended vacation leave, or interruption in the teen's service need;
  • siblings of children currently enrolled in the program.

Funding may be available from the teen parent flexible funding pool for contracted providers to temporarily expand contracts (if there is licensed capacity) to serve these families ( See Policy P-EEC-TPCC-18, Flexible Pool Funding).

New Enrollments

A teen who is enrolled in high school or a GED program receives first priority among new applicants for enrollment. A teen who has completed high school or GED and is participating in an approved higher education or job/career development or training program has second priority status among new applicants. If no teens are waitlisted at the program for Teen Parent Child Care services and available for intake within either of the first two priority categories, then a teen who has completed high school or has received a GED and is employed may be enrolled.

Teens must also meet age and income requirements in order to be enrolled (See Policy P- EEC -TPCC-04, Eligibility).

Information provided by the Department of Early Education and Care . Created: March 18, 2003 Last Reviewed: April 3, 2003