Teen Parent Child Care Subsidy

Intake Assessment

In addition to determining eligibility through the application process, Teen Parent Child Care providers must conduct a comprehensive assessment of the teen parent family's needs. The intake assessment must document, at minimum, the parent's age, pregnancy status, primary language, housing situation, immediate and extended family members, educational status, job skills, employment history, sources of financial support, emotional or mental health conditions requiring ongoing treatment, substance abuse history, health status, and resources for transportation. A copy of the comprehensive assessment must be retained in each family's case record.

Coordination of Services

TPCC providers must also identify and document community resources available to teen parents in order to coordinate services. TPCC providers must maintain an agency program file that contains a comprehensive list and description of such resources and their services, (e.g., program brochures may contain that information).

Service Planning

TPCC providers must develop a written individual service plan for each teen parent family and maintain the service plan in the family's case records. The plan must document the service needs of the parent and child; services provided by other agencies; services that the teen is eligible to receive from other sources; and services to be provided to the teen parent and his/her child by the TPCC program. Providers must document why the TPCC program is providing counseling, parent training, and/or home visiting services if the teen is eligible to receive such services through other resources. When the TPCC program provides the services directly, the TPCC program must maintain a written description of how the program's services differ in substance from those offered by another agency; or if services are similar, the TPCC must maintain documentation, signed and dated by the teen parent, that explains why the teen is unable to receive the services from another source. The documentation must be kept in each family's case file.

On-going Case Management

TPCC providers are responsible for coordinating necessary services to enrolled teens, and for documenting service delivery and parent participation in required program activities, including social services, school or work activities, and participation in the child care program. TPCC providers are also responsible for documenting the child's attendance at child care, and for taking appropriate action if the child does not attend regularly or if the parent does not meet participation requirements.

Information provided by the Department of Early Education and Care . Created: March 18, 2003 Last Reviewed: April 3, 2003