Teen Parent Child Care Subsidy

Additional funding beyond maximum contract obligations may be available to TPCC providers to expand contract capacity and for a variety of additional services to teen parents and pregnant teens in their third trimester.

Contract Expansion

Programs may temporarily expand contract capacity to serve teen parents who are:

  • currently enrolled in a TPCC program and must transfer due to geographic relocation;
  • seeking to re-enroll within 3 months after a temporary termination of care due to either the child's illness, an accident, the parent's extended vacation leave, or an interruption in the teen's service need (when licensing capacity permits and the TPCC contract is fully enrolled);
  • seeking to enroll the sibling of a child currently enrolled in the program (when licensing capacity permits and the TPCC contract is fully enrolled).

Such enrollments do not require prior approval, and will be billed to the flexible pool until a contracted TPCC slot becomes available. ( See Policy P-EEC-TPCC-06, Child Care Enrollment Priorities).

Additional Services to Pregnant and Parenting Teens

Additional services to teen parents or pregnant teens in their third trimester funded through the flexible pool include the following.

  • Group I - Counseling, which includes support group services, individual, family and group counseling services, and coordination and assessment services for a pregnant teen in her third trimester;

  • Group II - Training, which includes parenting education, life skills workshops, educational tutoring, and family literacy skills; and

  • Group III - Home Visiting

Programs will be reimbursed for services billed in each category when the program has completed a comprehensive teen parent assessment and an individual service plan for the family that demonstrate the need for the particular services. To be reimbursed for these services through flexible pool funding, programs must complete a " Teen Parent Program Service Delivery Report", and submit it monthly with their billing. No prior authorization is required. ( See Policy P-EEC-TPCC-09, Enrollment Responsibilities. )

Special Needs Services

Eligible children who have emotional, mental, or physical disabilities and cannot attend Teen Parent Child Care without specific program accommodations may be eligible for special needs funding from the TPCC flex pool. Such funding may be used to support additional training or consultation for program staff, technical assistance to meet the needs of a specific child, or to enhance staffing ratios to integrate or maintain a specific child into a program. For instance, a consultant may be hired to support the classroom by lowering the teacher to child ratio, assist the teacher with other children, and help in the classroom when the teacher needs to work "one on one" with a particular child. To access flexible pool funding for Special Needs Services, programs must submit to their Regional Policy & Training Advisor documentation of the particular child's special needs, a detailed request for services, and a budget on EEC required forms. Prior approval for special needs services is required.

Head Start and Early Head Start Partner Slots

All TPCC Head Start and Early Head Start partner slots are funded through the flexible pool.

Information provided by the Department of Early Education and Care . Created: March 18, 2003 Last Reviewed: April 3, 2003