Teen Parent Child Care Subsidy

Teen Parent Child Care services are designed to facilitate the development of parenting and career skills, the completion of high school or high school equivalency programs, participation in higher education, job/career training programs, or in employment related activities. Teen parent child care programs must provide teen parents the support they need to remain in their service need activity, decrease the likelihood of repeat teen pregnancies, and minimize the risk that they or their children will be abused or neglected.

To facilitate achievement of these goals, all teen parents must participate at least 8 hours per month in structured social service support activities, either through the TPCC program, or another source.

Activities may include:

  • parent skills training
  • nutrition education
  • mental health services
  • self-esteem building
  • family planning
  • family literacy support
  • career planning services
  • financial management
  • domestic violence prevention education
  • legal rights and responsibilities education

These services may be provided directly by the TPCC contractor, or by agreement with community resources. Services may be provided to each client individually or in a group setting, through peer support groups, home visits, or any other format that meets the needs of the teen parent.

In addition, teen parents must participate in child care activities in their child's classroom or family child care home at least one hour each month. Through teacher role modeling and a variety of other strategies, parents will learn about children's social, emotional, and cognitive growth and development, and will develop positive parenting skills.

Teen parents working 30 hours or more a week may be exempt from the one-hour a month classroom/family child care home participation requirement when it can be documented as in conflict with the demands of their work schedule.

If a teen parent does not consistently meet participation requirements, the TPCC program must meet with the teen parent to reassess the teen parent's need for services, identify any barriers to participation, and develop and implement a remediation plan to remove such barriers to service. At the same time, the program shall issue an Advance Notice of Termination to run concurrently with the implementation of the remediation plan.

If the removal of barriers to service does not result in improvement in the teen parent's program participation within this two-week period the parent and child will be terminated from TPCC services two weeks after the issue date of the Notice. Teen parents who are terminated from TPCC services will be assisted in transitioning to other subsidized child care programs for which they are eligible.

Information provided by the Department of Early Education and Care . Created: March 18, 2003; Last Reviewed: April 3, 2003.