Teen Parent Child Care Subsidy

Each family's eligibility for Teen Parent Child Care will be reassessed at least every six months, or at the end of the teen's current service need activity whichever occurs first. A new Child Care Application and Fee Agreement (CCAFA) must be completed and signed at each reassessment. Teen Parent Child Care providers will review the age of the child, the teen parent's age, the family's income and service need eligibility, and the parent's program participation to determine whether the TPCC subsidy will be renewed. Parents who continue to meet age, income, service need (i.e., education, training or work) and TPCC participation requirements and whose children remain age-appropriate will continue to receive the TPCC child care subsidy, subject to available funding. (See Policies P-EEC-TPCC-04, Eligibility, and P-EEC-TPCC-10, Participation Requirements.)

At each six-month reassessment the TPCC provider must also update the family's initial comprehensive assessment, and review and update the family's individual service plan that addresses the needs identified in the assessment process for both the teen parent and child. (See Policy P-EEC-TPCC-09, Enrollment Responsibilities).

The TPCC provider must also note the parent's age and the child's age and initiate transition planning for families at least six months in advance of their expected termination date ( See Policy P-EEC-TPCC-14, Transition Planning).

Information provided by the Department of Early Education and Care . Created: March 18, 2003 Last Reviewed: April 3, 2003