Teen Parent Child Care Subsidy Policy Statement
Number: P-EEC- TPCC-16

Reporting Requirements

Teen Parent Child Care programs must submit to EEC monthly billing reports and Teen Parent Service Delivery Reports that include, at minimum, the child's name, parent's social security number (as available), the number of days the child attended child care, termination dates and information on services billed through the flexible funding pool. ( See Policies P-EEC-TPCC-17, Reimbursement; and P-EEC-TPCC-18, Flexible Pool Funding)

Documentation Requirements

TPCC programs must maintain on site the following:

  • copies of transportation agreements and rates of reimbursement when services are sub-contracted;
  • the provider's transportation policies;
  • the type and number of hours of social and mental health services provided for each child and family; and
  • family case records.

Family case records must include copies of Child Care Application and Fee Agreements, the family's comprehensive assessments, and written individual service plans. In addition, the case record must include documentation of why the program is providing counseling, parent training and/or home visiting services if the teen is eligible to receive such services through other resources. The case record must also include signed copies of EEC Transition Planning Worksheets regarding receipt of transition counseling within six months of a planned termination or at the time of termination when a termination occurs abruptly. ( See Policies P-EEC-TPCC-12, Transportation; P-EEC-TPCC-09, Enrollment Responsibilities; and P-EEC-TPCC-14, Transition Planning.)

Coordination of Services

TPCC providers must maintain an agency program file that contains a comprehensive list of community resources and a description of those resources and their services. Program brochures that describe resources and services may satisfy this requirement. (See Policy P-EEC-TPCC-09, Enrollment Responsibilities.)

Performance Measures

TPCC programs must report to the EEC Contract & Monitoring Coordinator teen parents' participation in program activities. Programs must meet all other reporting requirements that are incorporated into their EEC contract as a performance measure, or are otherwise required.

Information provided by the Department of Early Education and Care . Created: March 18, 2003; Last reviewed: April 9, 2003.