Teen Parent Child Care Subsidy Policy Statement
Number: P-EEC- TPCC-05

Teen Parent Child Care programs may serve pregnant teens during their third trimester in order to assist them in securing appropriate support services and child care services after the birth of their child. To be eligible, a pregnant teen must either be enrolled in high school, or be under age 18 and in a GED program.

Eligible pregnant teens will be referred to the appropriate Child Care Resource and Referral Agency to receive a voucher. The voucher will be issued for the teen parent to receive support services during the third trimester. The TPCC program must complete the required intake assessment and individual service plan (see Policy P EEC-TPCC-09, Enrollment Responsibilities). 1

When a teen is ready to enroll her newborn, the TPCC program will enroll the child in a contracted slot, if one is available, in accordance with TPCC enrollment priorities, and alert the Child Care Resource and Referral Agency to terminate the voucher. When a contracted TPCC slot is not available, the CCR&R will be notified of the birth so that they may revise the voucher to include child care services for the newborn. (See Policy P: EEC-TPCC-06, Child Care Enrollment Priorities)

Billable services for pregnant teens include counseling, (assessment, service planning and coordination etc.), parent training and home visiting. Teen Parent Child Care providers may offer home visiting and assistance in areas such as prenatal and postpartum care, support groups, individual and family counseling, life skills workshops, parenting education, educational tutoring, and family literacy skill development. The teen parent's needs must be identified in the teen's comprehensive intake assessment and be addressed through the teen's individual service plan.

Teen parents that qualify through the Department of Transitional Assistance for a voucher after the birth of their child may obtain either a TPCC slot based on licensed capacity or income eligible child care.

1 Programs cannot bill through their contracts for delivery of support services during a teen's last trimester. Counseling, parent training, and home visiting during the last trimester of pregnancy are billable through a voucher issued by the appropriate CCR&R for teens who meet the specified eligibility requirements. Child care services cannot be billed during this period.

Information provided by the Department of Early Education and Care . Created: March 18, 2003; Last reviewed: April 3, 2003.