Teen Parent Child Care Subsidy

Teen Parent Child Care services are designed to:

  • provide educational and developmental activities for children,
  • facilitate development of the teen parent's parenting and career skills, and
  • promote the teen's successful completion of high school, or high school equivalency programs.

Programs also provide child care and support services to teen parents who have completed high school or high school equivalency programs and are participating in higher education, job /career training programs or employment. Pregnant teens may also apply to receive support services based on funding availability.

Teen Parent Child Care programs must

  • provide teen parents with support to help them to remain in school
  • increase their training or employment opportunities
  • decrease the likelihood of repeat teen pregnancies
  • minimize the risk that they or their children will be abused or neglected

In doing so, Teen Parent Child Care providers offer:

  • high quality child care
  • educational and developmental activities for children
  • transportation
  • case management
  • social services for children and their teen parents

Programs provide support groups or individual counseling that focus on meeting a variety of needs, such as life skills training, career planning, and education about the health and nutritional needs of teens and their children.

Programs contracted to provide Teen Parent Child Care services may be located in public schools or other center-based child care programs. Teen Parent Child Care services may also be offered through contracted family child care systems. Services may be limited to the school day schedule and school calendar, or may be offered on a full day, year round basis, in accordance with the individual program's contractual agreement with EEC.

Information provided by the Department of Early Education and Care . Created: March 18, 2003 Last Reviewed: April 3, 2003