Teen Parent Child Care Subsidy Policy Statement
Number: P-EEC- TPCC-14

Whenever a teen is terminated from the TPCC program (due to failure to meet age, income, service need, participation, or attendance requirements) the teen must be transitioned to other subsidy programs as applicable (See Policies P-EEC-TPCC-04: Eligibility; P- EEC-TPCC-10: Participation Requirements; P- EEC-TPCC-11: Attendance, and P- EEC-TPCC-15: Termination).

At each reassessment the TPCC provider shall note the parent's age and the age of the child. If the parent or child will age out of the program within the next six months, the provider must initiate transition planning. Transition planning shall include consideration of the child's age, and the parent's ongoing need for child care and other support services, the parent's service need, and eligibility for other subsidized child care programs (including Income Eligible programs, Community Partnership Programs, Head Start Programs, and others) and referral to appropriate child care resources. TPCC programs must also refer transitioning teens to the appropriate Child Care Resource and Referral Agency to place their names on the income eligible voucher waitlist.

TPCC providers complete with the parent and have the parent sign and date the EEC Transition Planning Worksheet that indicates that the teen has received transition counseling and specifies the child care referrals provided. When specific plans for transition are made, they should be noted in the record.

Children or teen parents transitioning from TPCC services receive priority access to Income Eligible Child Care, and can be funded through the Income Eligible flex pool when Income Eligible contract slots are full. (See Policies P:EEC-Income Eligible-04, Enrollment: Priorities, and P- EEC-Income Eligible-19, Eligibility: Flexible Pool Funding. )

Information provided by the Department of Early Education and Care . Created: March 18, 2003; Last reviewed: April 15, 2003.